About our college

Our VET college is located in Eibar, in the heart of the Basque Country (A map here?). We share a campus with an University Faculty, a language school and other institutions. We offer studies in these disciplines:

  • Trade
  • Administrative
  • Sport
  • Information and Communications Technology

Internationalization Projects

We receive visitors from abroad due to one of these projects:

  • The Erasmus + program consists of a mobility program through which students of Higher and Middle Training Cycles have the possibility of doing internships in companies (Workplace Training module) in a foreign country. We also send and host VET teachers for training from other countries.
  • The aim of the program is to improve cooperation between training organizations and companies, as well as the transfer of skills, practices and innovative vocational training methods.
  • It is an international project where our VET students can take a didactic unit in other VET colleges in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Finland and Holland.

How to get to Uni

Are you coming by plane? There is a direct bus from Bilbao Airport to Eibar Townhall.

If this is not convenient for you, you can take a bus from Airport to Central Station in Bilbao and then take another bus from Central Station in Bilbao to Eibar Townhall.

It takes 20 minutes walking from the Townhall to our Campus, but there is a train service, from Ardantza station to Unibertsitatea station.


In order to accommodate not only students coming from other provinces but also for international students, our Campus has a dormitory and a canteen, where students can be accommodated with a full board service.
Images of the dormitory and the canteen
Dormitory information (link to a pdf)